Coach Express Live!

Coach Express Live! is a series of group coaching sessions on topics such as Product Development, Project Funding or IP protection. Our purpose with these sessions is to make entrepreneurship in China easier and more fun.

In every session we receive an expert guest and the sessions have three parts:

  1. Beginner level training. Usually 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. Ask Me Anything of maximum 60 minutes.
  3. Mastermind. Open microphone to share your experience and help others.

The Coach Express Live! Group and Forum

Your Coach Express Live! membership comes with access to the Coach Express Live! group. In the group, you will find all other members and you can invite them to connect with you. We will keep you sharp with updates in the group news feed. And the group also has sections to share images and documents with each other.

Through the group, you can access the forum. The forum is more structured than the news feed and more suitable to have discussions on topics of interest. When you create a new discussion topic, we automatically notify all group members on the news feed so that they can tune in.

Your free membership gives you14 days access to the replay of all Coach Express Live! sessions that you have registered for. We will inform you of upcoming Coach Express Live! sessions in the TroubleMaker newsletter and on LinkedIn and Facebook.

You will have access to the Coach Express Live! group as long as you have access to the replay of any session. Your activity in the group and on the forum is saved for you, and you can pick up where you left off after the next Coach Express Live! session.

A Coach Express Live! membership gives you one year unlimited access to the full Replay Archive, to the group and to the forum. Here you can see the previous session list and information about the Coach Express Live! membership.

If you are on one of the paid TroubleMaker membership plans, you do not need to pay separately for the Coach Express Live! membership. Your membership gives you free access.

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Program Information

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